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Whatever the occasion, Carmen's will create the most memorable day of your life.


Your wedding is one of the best and busiest days of your life. Spending your special day enjoying yourself is something often overlooked. When you utilize our event planners, everything from day 1 is handled. You tell us what and we make it happen.

Our planners can work with a variety of venues, whether it's one you know of or one we have, we will coordinate everything you need us to. From what to eat to when to dance, your friendly, experienced, and professional event planner will be there for you.

Each Carmen's Wedding comes with an interactive Wedding Planning Book that guides you step by step from the moment you say "yes".

"Saying yes was the easiest part!"





A celebration of culture, heritage, and most importantly, the transition from childhood into maturity, the Sweet 16, Quinceañera, or Bar Mitzvah is a pivotal day in a young woman or man's life. Some consider this day to be a indication of whats to come in their life. Make it special by throwing the best and most fun celebration, ever.

For most, planning your child's special day with a trusted and experienced planner is the best route. Our Event Coordinators remember their own special coming of age celebration and remember how magical that day was to them. They will recreate that memory just for your son or daughter.

Whether you prefer to create your own event every step of the way or just want an all inclusive, one stop package, Carmen's has the solution for you.

"A pivotal celebration that must be done right"




And More!

Creating the perfect experience for your guests whether it be a memorial, business conference, birthday party, graduation, you name it. With the busy schedules we all have, there just isn't time to do it all.

The team of experienced and professional event coordinators at Carmen's are here for your next special occasion. We know the in's and out's of just about any event type and have the connections to give you whatever you vision. From our own line of gathering spaces to delicious gourmet meals to transportation for you and your guests, our team can handle it.

Every event with Carmen's comes with a personal Event Coordinator. From day one, you will be cared for, listened to, and your event will go off without a hitch.

"Not just weddings and birthdays!"




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